This case study was about creating an app that gathers talented people in one platform and wants to share their talent with others. Also, it’s our fourth project in the UI/UX immersive course by Misk Academy, we almost reached the end of their course. However, When we started to search about talented people, some questions came to our minds, and want to ask our users in the search phase.

-Do you ever feel like you can’t find the right community to share

your talent?

- or that most platforms only focuses on the same

talents? Or Did you…

Project 2


The product was inspired by a Noon customer that was complaining about not finding beach products fast enough and how Noon is an unorganized website. The main aim of this product is to solve this problem that will allow people who love to swim or go to the beach to find a website specialist in beach and swimming stuff. Noon website was our major brand and from this, we created our microsite Amwaj.

Team members:

Atheer Alateeq, Esraa alharbi, Maria Aljaroudi

Project duration:

2 weeks

What is Noon?

Noon is a shopping website and e-commerce company. It was established in 2016 by the famous businessman Mohammed Al-Abbar…

Rawan Almahfoud

Business administration Graduate (CAPM)-UX/UI student at Misk Academy.

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